Aerospace Tubing

We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of aerospace tubes. We dedicatedly work on developing various kinds of aerospace tubes for the aerospace industry. When someone is manufacturing and supplying for the aerospace industry, so it is essential to develop faultless, lucrative and innovative products with complete functional assurance. We supplied the aerospace industry with great performance tubes. We are expert in producing and supplying flawless tubes and instruments for the aerospace industry.

Our aerospace tubes are commonly used in aircraft engines, airframes and instrumentation, where pilot and travelers equally depend on them to withstand the most vital conditions. Presently, our skilled professionals are producing products using the recent high-strength grades of titanium for hydraulic tubing systems, and are also preparing new solutions in Titanium for mechanical tubes used in the flight surface actuation such as flaps, slats and wings.

We are capable to fulfill your tubing needs to the strictest standards. We consistently develop with changes in evolving techniques and remain a leader in the aerospace industry with greater quality, technical proficiency, customer support, and widespread product offering. We have selected and added highly proficient and experienced professionals into our team and trained them according to the regulations of our company. With the support of our team, we serve global standard products.

Our factory has been Aerospace Standard AS9100 certified since 2013 and approved supplier for leading companies in the market such as Rafael, Elbit, IAI, IMI, MOD etc.